My name is a palindrome. 23. Baker, illustrator, stranded adventurer. Enthusiast of non-human creatures, landscapes, and the cosmos. All photos are sourced to the best of my ability. Sometimes I write and illustrate.


Mouse friend disappeared, but considering his little shelter was exactly how I left it, I’m going to assume he recovered and got away safely.
Good luck, little mouse.



Ruined Polaroids by William Miller

When people access your private, password protected bank account and steal your money to spend, banks don’t hold it over your head. It’s usually returned and the perpetrator is investigated. Nobody blames you for keeping your personal funds in an account.
When your locked car is stolen from a private garage, nobody blames you for it. It’s returned to you, in most cases.
When people burglarize your locked home, nobody blames you for it. After all, you kept your doors and windows secure, sometimes with a password.
So why is it that when women want to be sexual in private and somebody violates that privacy for the entire world to see, people are blaming them for it? They’re hypersexualized and then shamed for it.
It’s sad that I have to use examples of money, cars, and homes in order for people to see that robbing and dehumanizing women of their privacy and dignity is wrong. It proves that we value tangible things over the feelings of another human being.




Rest in peace, Joan Rivers. Or pieces, I should say. I don’t think a majority of your body is biodegradable.

Don’t ever date anybody that doesn’t appreciate your body for the sacred temple that it is.