My name is a palindrome. I'm 23. East Coast roots. In the Midwest. Migrating West. Enthusiast of non-human creatures, landscapes, and the cosmos. All photos are sourced to the best of my ability. Sometimes I write and illustrate.

Q: And yeah, if first impressions are any guide, Kevin does seem like a great guy to me. I definitely hope he wifes the hell out of you, and soon :). BTW, I would love to hear more about what you like so much about him. I always like hearing what one person loves about another person. Also, it could be practical information for me, if I ever meet someone like you who isn't already smitten!

That’s a long list. I don’t think there’s anything about him that I don’t love. Take an ideal situation and he’ll make it a thousand times better. He’s inspiring; I haven’t been so artistically active in years, but he gives me so many ideas and I just thrive. He’s really intelligent but he isn’t cocky about it. He actually uses his knowledge and education to teach little kids about animals and I think that’s ridiculously cute. He’s really environmentally aware; when we walk down the street holding hands and he sees litter, he ALWAYS picks it up and shakes his head. He’s really sweet and patient with me regarding a lot of things. If I have an attitude he calmly tells me how he feels instead of blowing up in my face, which is what I’m used to. We constantly communicate how we feel so there’s no guessing, no passive aggression. We share the same values; neither of us are religious but we both have a good set of morals and a sense of right and wrong. He’s honestly nicer than so many religious people I’ve met. He’s the first man I’ve trusted with my body in a long time. With others I was always too tense, or I just didn’t want to. With him, we roll around and laugh and we’re really playful and you can just feel the love radiating from the two of us. When we’re out hiking in San Diego, he’ll always identify different plants and tell me a little fact about it; it makes me smile every time because I love learning. We’re planning trips around the world; we have the same top destinations in mind, including Costa Rica, Patagonia, and New Zealand. Sometimes we’ll stay in and watch 90s cartoons and makeout on the couch while drinking White Russians and eating pizza, or we’ll read animal facts from his billions of books in funny accents. These are just a few traits that make me love him, but the list goes on and on. He’s my best friend, which makes our growing relationship that much more special and wonderful because I trust him with all of me.

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Q: BTW, regarding your interest in becoming a beekeeper- I was a beekeeper when I was a kid, and it was totally worth the bee stings (even though I'm somewhat allergic to them). I was sad to give it up when I moved to the city. And of course, bees could use more friends right now...

I’d need land to do it. I don’t think my landlord would appreciate a thousand bees congregating in the backyard.
I’ve been stung twice in my life but I believe they were both from hornets. One time I was running through the woods and I stepped on a hornet nest. Not fun at all.
But bees need friends. Until I hit the lottery/get in a good financial situation, I’ll just plant bees’ favorite plants. :)

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Q: Oo, can I be your friend, too? I second what the lady said- "Every time I see your photos or read your words I'm just overcome with a feeling of being drawn to you". I would also wife the hell out of you, although in my case I'm a dude, so I guess that's less special. You're just attractive to all types of creatures, so thanks for sharing yourself with us.

This is so nice. Thank you. I’m no special snowflake but I think I’m a pretty good person and it’s nice to feel appreciated. :) I know you’re probably joking but on a more serious note, my best friend Kevin is my ideal and he’s the only human being I’d want to wife the hell out of me. And I hope he does some day.

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Sometimes you just have to get yourself your favorite flowers and call yourself cute.


Large scale curio domes created with old jars <3 

Q: Every time I see your photos or read your words I'm just overcome with a feeling of being drawn to you, and I normally don't even like other women. But good goddamn whatever it is, you've got it and I'd wife the hell out of you.

Best compliment ever. Thank you so much. I’m glad you get it.

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I deserve to be loved.



Lancelot’s haircut was interrupted by a downpour so now he’s Lancelion, the Glorious.

Maybe I should consider becoming a professional bee keeper…